Business Banking

With Business Banking, ICICI Bank UK PLC offers its customers a product which understands the requirement of its customers and accordingly help them in the growth of their business.

Business Current Account

At ICICI Bank UK PLC, we understand that your banking requirements change with growth and evolution of your business. Our Business Current Account is designed taking your business requirement into consideration. As a business customer, we will offer you the tools to move your money quickly and securely worldwide.

Business Savings Account

For our Business Current account customers, looking for a forthright savings options with instant and easy access to funds, the Business Savings account provides easy access via online and in the branch. Save up to £5 million with interest paid every month.

Business Forex Solutions

Accessible 24/5 through the Online Forex Payment Services- send up to 20,000 (GBP, USD & EUR) in matter of minutes with real time and competitive exchange rates.