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Egyptian Pounds

How many Egyptian Pounds will you get for your Pounds?

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Buy Egyptian Pounds (EGP) at ICICI Bank UK

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Introduction to Egyptian Pounds

The Egyptian Pound is the currency used in Egypt and can be noted by a £ sign usually prefixed by E, to distinguish this Pound from the UK Pound. However, the more common way to see it displayed in the shops around the country is with the letters LE, which stands for ‘Livre Egyptienne’.

The origins of the Egyptian Pound come from the time when Egypt used Sterling in the 1950’s. When Egypt left Sterling in 1962 they kept the name ‘Pound’ but became an independent currency. The Pound is divided into 100 parts, and each part is called a piastre.

Egyptian Pounds exchange rate

The rate that is displayed at the exchange represents the number of Egyptian Pounds you can buy for one UK Pound. If you are uncertain of the amount you need to buy, use the ICICI Bank currency converter on our website to work out how much you will get for your money.

Buying Egyptian Pounds

Because the rate at which you can change your UK Pounds into Egyptian Pounds is variable, not only from one day to the next but also from one exchange bureau to the next, it is best to leave plenty of time to purchase your currency. This will give you the flexibility to shop around and to find competitive GBP to EGP exchange rates.

Don’t leave it until you are at the airport to buy your Egyptian Pounds, as you will be stuck with whatever rate and fees the airport exchange has on offer which may not be the best available at the time.

Order Egyptian Pounds online

Ordering foreign money online is becoming increasingly popular, as many travellers realise the benefits of being able to compare rates and the convenience of getting currency ordered with a few clicks.

Here at ICICI Bank, we recognise the benefits of online transactions, and endeavour to always be highly competitive when it comes to exchanging GBP to EGP.

Check how much you will get for your chosen amount of money by using our online currency calculator tool. Your Egyptian travel money will be sent by next working day delivery if you order a minimum of £700 before 2:30 p.m.

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