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Turkish Lira

How many Turkish Lira will you get for your Pounds?

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Buy Turkish Lira (TRY) at ICICI Bank UK

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About Turkish Lira and Pounds

The new Turkish Lira (TRY) came into circulation in 2005 and so is a relatively new currency. If you are visiting Turkey, you will need to convert your Pounds to Turkish Lira.

The best thing you can do is shop around to find the best rate on your Pounds to Turkish Lira exchange. The different exchange rates offered by banks, travel agents and other providers can vary greatly, so to get the most out of your money you should spend some time researching the exchange rates.

You can check our currency comparison tool which shows you the rates of some of our available currencies against the average exchange rates of high street banks and travel agents.

Pounds to Turkish Lira exchange rates

The amount of Turkish Lira that you can get for your Pounds will vary depending on the exchange rate that you choose. It is best to avoid exchanging your money at the airport, as rates are often poor.

ICICI Bank’s currency converter calculator will allow you to see how much Turkish Lira you can exchange for your UK money. At ICICI Bank, we offer competitive exchange rates to our customers.

How to convert Pounds to Turkish Lira

To convert your GBP to TRY you need to look out for the exchange rate, which can vary depending on the provider.

The higher the exchange rate, the more Turkish Lira you will get for your Pounds and therefore it is worth shopping around to find the best deal.

Lira can be picked up from a range of different places, but leaving it until the last minute and exchanging it at the airport can leave you with a poor deal. Do your research to find the best competitive rates.

Convert Pounds to Turkish Lira online

Many people are realising the advantages of exchanging Lira online. It is an easier and quicker service as it does not require a trip to the post office, bank or local travel agent.

With ICICI Bank Travel Money,your currency can even be delivered to you the next working day if you order before 2:30pm subject to a minimum of £700. We also have Saturday home delivery at a charge of £0.99.

This means that if you are in a rush, you can be sure to receive your currency in time. Not only this, but we offer competitive rates of Pounds to Turkish Lira which means that you will be getting a good deal.

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