The table below shows a list of documents that are acceptable as proof of address:


Valid proof (Any one) Criteria of validity

1) Utility bills (any one from the list below)

(a) Electricity bill

(b) Landline telephone bill

(b) Gas bill

(b) Water bill


The date of issue of any of these utility bills should have been within the last 3 months.

2) Valid UK driving license

Handwritten/ Provisional/ Temporary/ Learning driving license is not acceptable. Also any handwritten/ unauthorized alteration on driving license is not acceptable.

3) Bank or Building society statement

For all the bank statements/ passbooks, there should be at least two customer-induced transactions in the last 3 months prior to the time of submitting an address proof. Typical customer induced transactions include ATM withdrawals, debit Card transactions and cheques cleared.

4) Council Tax bill

Current year's council tax bill