Basel Disclosures

Disclosure: Composition of Regulatory Capital as at March 31, 2011.

Type of capital USD 000 USD 000
Core Tier one Capital      
  Permanent Share capital 545,095  
  Profit and loss account and other reserves 148,013  
  Non-Cumulative Preference Share Capital 50,000  
Total Tier one capital before deductions     743,108
Deductions from Tier one capital     15,774
Total Tier one capital after deductions     727,334
Upper tier two capital      
  Perpetual Subordinated Debt 85,000  
  General/Collective Provisions 23,096  
Lower tier two capital      
  Fixed Term subord inated Debt 363,605  
Total Tier two capital 471,701
Deductions from Tier two capital        10,013
Total Tier two capital after deductions 461,688
Deductions from Tier one and two capital      
Tier one capital plus tier two capital after deductions 1,189,022