Referral Program FAQs

What is the Referral program?

Under the Referral program, you may refer your friends to us who you feel would benefit from our Money Transfer service.

Who can refer friends, and how?

Only HomeVantage Current Account customers can refer their friends by following these simple steps:

  1. Log onto internet banking and go to "Fund transfer to India"
  2. Click on the "Refer a friend" tab
  3. Enter your friends' details

Multiple references may be provided by a customer.

Who can I refer under the referral program?

You can only refer friends to us who have never held a HomeVantage Current Account or HiSAVE Remittance Account, and who hold a valid email address.

What happens once I have referred my friend?

Once you have submitted your friend’s details, we will email a reference code to your friend and inform them of the next steps. Your friend must mention the reference code to us when placing a money transfer request. The reference code will be valid for a period of 90 days.

What benefits are available under the referral program?

We will give you and your friend(s) a cashback when they transfer £1000 or more to India with us. This means that the more friends you refer to us, the more cashback you’re likely to receive.

How do I get these cashback?

Within 90 days of receipt of the reference code, your friend must transfer £1000 or more to India through us in a single transfer, and mention the reference code while placing the request.


Your friends may transfer money in any of our UK branches, by phoning our Customer Service Centre, or online (a HomeVantage Current account is needed to transfer money through our Customer Service Centre or online).


Within 30 days of the money transfer, we’ll send an email to you and your friend with instructions for cashback.