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Get 20 Paise Extra on Your Money Transfer to India

ICICI Bank UK’s HiSAVE Remittance Account

Using HiSAVE Remittance Account you can make instant transfers to any ICICI Bank account and other Banks in India within 24 hours.

This Product is no longer available to apply.


Product details

 This account is especially designed to enable hassle-free fund transfer to India with other features like:

  • Zero-balance maintenance
  • Access to money transfer service 24/7, including weekends and bank holidays
  • Confirmed exchange rate 24/7
  • Service assurance on all remittances to India

Please note: Withdrawals and deposits can only be made via your linked current account.

Service assurance

We assure:

  • Instant transfer to any ICICI bank account in India
  • Upto 1 business day-transfer ­to any other bank account in India

If we fail to meet this assurance, we will pay you 5 pence for every £10 transferred by way of credit into your account. We will pay a minimum of £1 and maximum of £50.

Standing instructions for regular transfers

Give standing instructions for regular money transfers to India – and we will do the rest. You can instruct us to transfer money weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, every two months, quarterly or half-yearly. Log into your account, click on 'Fund Transfer to India' and go to the 'Manage Standing Instructions' tab.

Click here to see the applicable charges.

Rate block feature

Get more Rupees for your Pounds. Tell us the minimum rate at which you wish to remit money to India and we will ensure your money is sent only at that exchange rate or at a higher prevailing exchange rate. Log into your account, click on 'Fund Transfer to India' and choose 'Rate Block' tab. Block your preferred exchange rate in 90 days advance.

Money transfer charges

To any bank account in India £1
CHAPS transfer £20
Physical copy of statement £5
Physical copy of tax statement £5

Please note:

  1. Withdrawals may be made either as money transfers to India, or as payments into your linked current account.
  2. Your account can only be funded by electronic transfer from your linked current account.