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Notice Savings Account

Notice savings accounts are a great way of looking after your short to medium term savings needs, paying a higher interest rate on cash you don't need immediate access to. If you can plan ahead then give us notice when you want access to your money, you can earn an attractive rate of interest.

Notice savings accounts give you more flexibility than fixed rate bonds as you don’t need to lock your money away for a specific period of time, and they normally pay more interest than easy access accounts, however, to access your money, you will have to give the notice period. A notice account could be a good way to save if you have a specific goal in mind - like a wedding or major purchase.

Product Options

We offer two choices in this category:

  • 45 Days Notice Savings - Withdrawals allowed, subject to 45 days notice
  • 95 Days Notice Savings - Withdrawals allowed, subject to 95 days notice

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