Text Alerts Service

Stay up-to-date with TEXT ALERTS on your mobile phone!

Text Alerts is a simple way to keep an eye on your finances - without even having to think about it. ICICI Bank UK PLC’s TEXT ALERTS service lets you keep track of your bank accounts while you’re on the go. Once registered, you will receive instant text messages on your mobile phone confirming transactions on your designated ICICI Bank UK PLC’s HomeVantage current account.


It's simple to set up, and we won't charge you anything extra for the service.

  • receive alerts when your account is debited with an amount of GBP 50 or more
  • receive alerts when you use your debit card at a merchant or online
  • receive alerts when you withdraw cash from a cash machine


Stay Secure: If you didn’t initiate a transaction, notify us immediately and we will investigate it further.


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TEXT ALERTS will be generated for the following transactions:

Type of TransactionAmount for which Text Alert will be received
  • Cash deposits;
  • Cheque deposits or bank drafts;
  • Incoming money transfers (Local and International)
  • Credit transactions of GBP 50 or more
  • Cheque clearing
  • Cash withdrawal from a branch
  • International money transfers
  • Local funds transfer
  • Direct debit
  • Standing instructions
  • Debit transactions of GBP 50 or more
  • Transactions done using a ICICI Bank UK PLC’s debit card
  • Text Alerts will be received for all transactions
  • Withdrawal from cash machine
  • Text Alerts will be received for all transactions
Sample text alert message
Sample text alert message



The TEXT ALERTS service is free of charge. Standard messaging rates from your mobile phone operator may apply. ICICI Bank UK PLC will not be responsible for charges made by your mobile phone operator in connection with the TEXT ALERTS service. Please ensure you check with the service operator regarding any charges that could apply


To learn more or register for Text Alerts, call us on 0344 412 4444 (calls to this number use free plan minutes if available, otherwise they cost the same as 01/02 prefix calls) or visit a branch.


TEXT ALERTS will not be sent between 22:00 pm and 7:55 am. Alerts will be sent at or after 7:55 am for any transactions that occurred between 22:00 pm and 7:55 am.


You can register only one mobile phone number per account for TEXT ALERTS service. For joint account holders to one account, the alerts will be sent to only one mobile phone number belonging to the main/ joint applicant.


Please refer to the Terms and Conditions applicable to the TEXT ALERTS service.