Get 20 paise extra on all money transfers
Get 20 paise extra on all money transfers
Offer Period: April 5, 2017 – March 31, 2018
New Customers
Open a Current Account or a Remittance
Account and get 20 paise extra on all GBP-INR money transfers for the next 180 days
Apply for either
HomeVantage Current Account
Write to us
Walk-in to any of our branches
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HiSAVE Remittance Account*
Apply Online
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*You can earn interest on this account. For more information, click here. You are eligible to open this account if you have an existing bank account in UK
Offer terms and conditions apply.
• The offer will be applicable to all new accounts opened between April 05, 2017 – March 31, 2018• Accounts opened should be either HomeVantage Current Account or a HiSAVE Remittance Account • This offer cannot be clubbed with any other preferential rate offer. In case multiple preferential rate promotional offers are running simultaneously, then only the highest preferential rate offer will be applicable • The applicant should successfully complete the entire account opening process during the offer period
Existing Customers
Get 20 paise extra on all existing & new
standing instructions to India
Setup standing instructions to India
Login to your account and follow 2 simple steps:
Click on
'Fund Transfer
to India'
Go to the
'Manage Standing
Instructions' tab
Walk-in to any of our branches and our representative will setup recurring money transfers for you
Offer terms and conditions apply.
• Get 20 paise over the prevailing GBP-INR exchange rate. • The offer is valid on all transactions carried out through standing instructions between April 05, 2017 – March 31, 2018 • The money transfer will be carried out at the frequency at which you setup the recurring money transfer • The money transfers will be carried out at the exchange rate prevailing on the date of the transaction and not at the date of setting up the recurring transaction • For charges applicable, please refer to the charges table
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