Corporate Banking

Whether you are a multinational company, local corporate or financial institution, we understand your business needs and we provide bespoke services to assist in your company's Treasury management.


Our dedicated Relationship Managers and product experts work closely with Transaction Banking and Global Markets colleagues to provide structured financing solutions to suit your requirements and also to support your day-to-day requirements.


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Letters of Credit

  • Import LC (letter of credit) - we can issue letters of credit to enable you to purchase goods from international suppliers. You can benefit from our worldwide distribution network (our offices/branches and correspondent banking relationships) and our expertise in structured instruments.
  • Export LC (letter of credit) Advising – by advising the export LC or amendment, the advising bank signifies that it has satisfied itself as to the apparent authenticity of the LC or amendment and that the advice accurately reflects the terms and conditions of the LC or amendment received. We can handle export letters of credit to assist timely delivery by exporters.
  • Confirmation and Discounting – we offer confirmation services of export letters of credit received from other foreign banks, enabling you to eliminate foreign bank and country risks from your exports. Once we add our confirmation to the letter of credit you are assured of payment, subject to non-discrepant documents, independent from the LC opening bank. We can also discount Letters of Credit to assist to help improve your cash flow.


When entering into a large-scale business transaction or high-value project, a company is normally required to submit a bank guarantee. In an increasingly challenging business environment, this is an effective way of securing performance and payment. We provide bank guarantee services that assure your clients of your strong commitment. Some of the variants of guarantees offered include:


  • Performance bonds
  • Financial guarantees
  • Bid bonds
  • Advance payment bonds
  • Deferred payment guarantees
  • Stand-by letters of credit

Invoice Finance

Discounting of receivables from sales, either pre or post delivery


We provide pre-delivery finance at competitive rates to help you meet your working capital needs while manufacturing your goods.


Similarly, we can credit the discounted value of your invoice immediately upon presentation of the invoice. This improves cash flow and reduces debtor days.

Working Capital Financing

We recognise that our client’s business cycles frequently create requirements for short term financing. ICICI Bank can support this requirement through the provision of various credit facilities or multipurpose working capital facilities.

  • Overdraft - For day to day financing requirements
  • Short term loans - To provide liquidity to fund projects in the short term
  • Guarantee facility - Allows flexibility to issue across a broad spectrum of guarantees up to a pre-agreed limit.
  • Receivable Discounting – Reduce debtor days
  • Multi-purpose - Provides flexibility to support varied requirements

Local Lending

Deposit funds with us and we can provide a local currency loan, through ICICI branches globally, to help support your local subsidiaries.

Bill Collection

We handle import collection bills which are a common and flexible method of payment for goods purchased from your suppliers. Our expertise enables efficient and prompt handling of your import collection documents.


Routing your export collection bill activities through us will help to eliminate many of your exporting challenges. Not only will your international banking become more uniform, but you also experience fewer delays in receiving payment, gaining greater control over your export receivables and benefit from an efficient cash flow management

Current Account

  • A secured-channel, multi-currency account offering 24-hour transactions in Sterling, Dollars and Euros.
  • Access corporate online banking through our website globally.
  • View real-time balances and statements, with a multi-level approval system which will help you monitor and keep control of your accounts.
  • Ability to deposit or withdraw funds at any of our 8 branches in the UK.
  • Covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) up to £85,000. For more details, click here.


  • Domestic payments
  • International money transfers from Sterling, US Dollars and Euros, to Sterling, US Dollars, Euros, Swiss Francs, Australian Dollars, Canadian Dollars and Japanese Yen.
  • Inward credits
  • SEPA Inward Credits for non-priority payments from over 30 countries
  • Cash and cheque handling
  • Quick & easy money transfers to India


  • With our strong links to the Indian market, we are able to assist you in improving the efficiency of your dealings with subsidiaries, suppliers or clients in India.
  • For further information, please see our India Advantage page.


We can help you invest your surplus funds in fixed deposits with features including:

  • A wide range of tenures
  • Inward credits
  • Covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) up to £85,000. For more details, click here.

Buyers Credit

Overseas counterparties can obtain extended payment terms at rates linked to LIBOR through Buyer’s Credit.