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Corporate Banking – Trade Finance

Our trade services help you focus on your business and compete in global markets. Whether you are an importer or exporter, our correspondent banking network of foreign banks and foreign currency nostro accounts will ensure that we meet all your international/ domestic trade requirements.

We offer comprehensive trade solutions including but not limited to bank guarantee, letter of credit (issuance, confirmation and discounting) and open account products.

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Product Overview

Bank Guarantee

ICICI Bank UK assists your business when entering into a large-scale transaction or high-value project, by providing bank guarantee services that assures your client of your commitment. Below are a few of the guarantees we offer:

  • Performance Guarantees
  • Financial Guarantees
  • Bid Bonds
  • Advance Payment Guarantees
  • Stand-by Letter of Credit

Letters of Credit

Reassure your Suppliers with ICICI Bank’s Letter of Credit

We understand for exploring business overseas, you may need to deal with unknown suppliers. Your suppliers may require payment assurance for doing a business transaction. In this regard, with our Letter of Credit service we can provide payment assurance to your supplier which will facilitate:

  • Easier purchase of goods from international markets
  • Building and strengthening business relationships with clients through timely payments
  • Explore new business opportunities by removing risk of default

Bill Collection

Route your export/import collection bill activities through us which will support your international banking transactions.

a) Import Bill Collection

Import Bill Collection is a mode of payment for international trade where the seller forwards financial and/or commercial documents to the buyer, against which the payment is made.

Import Bill for Collection services can be availed as follows:

Documents Against Acceptance (DA) - ICICI Bank UK releases the import documents to the buyer on acceptance of the bills of exchange/draft.

Documents against Payment (DP) - ICICI Bank UK releases the import documents to the buyer once he has paid.

ICICI Bank UK’s Import Bill for Collection:

  • Facilitates processing of documents and payments to your suppliers on your behalf
  • Saves time in taking delivery of your goods quickly and efficiently
  • Enables buyers to focus on expanding their business


b) Export Bill Collection -

Just present your documents to us and ICICI Bank UK will send them to your buyer’s bank in a timely manner. Documents will be released to your buyer on payment or against acceptance 
ICICI Bank UK Export Bill for Collection:

  • Increases control over export receivables
  • Makes your international banking more uniform

Invoice Financing

We offer invoice financing solutions at competitive rates to meet your manufacturing and working capital needs.