NRI Banking Services

ICICI Bank UK PLC introduces to you a range of products and services, offered by ICICI Bank Limited., India, to meet your Non-Resident Indian (NRI) banking needs:

  • A range of savings and fixed deposit accounts
  • Property services

These products and services are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Protections afforded by the UK regulatory system, including the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) will not apply.



Savings Accounts

Deposit your UK or Indian income at an attractive rate of interest and withdraw it when you want.


Fixed Deposits

Invest your UK and Indian income for a fixed term at an attractive rate of interest.


Property Services

Together with our trusted associates in India, we can help you make the right property investment.


Money Transfer

A complete money transfer solution to any bank in India. Get speed, convenience and great value for money.


ICICI Bank Hello UK – HomeVantage Current Account

Global Banking Hello UK is a service offered by ICICI Bank Ltd specifically for customers moving to UK on a work visa. It allows you to open a HomeVantage Current account in GBP from any ICICI Bank branch in India or online.


This bank account is specially designed to meet your banking needs in the UK and India.