ICICI Bank UK Plc is registered as a public limited company. The Bank is a wholly owned subsidiary of ICICI Bank Limited (the Parent Bank), which is the second largest bank in India and the largest private sector bank in India. The Bank offers a range of personal, business and corporate banking services in the UK and Europe.


The Bank gives paramount importance to the Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking measures in the businesses. The Bank acknowledges the requirements to the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and will ensure compliance within the organisation.


The Bank has established a policy on slavery and human trafficking which outlines that the Bank will not support or deal with any business knowingly involved in slavery or human trafficking. The Bank ensures that staff are given adequate training to mitigate the risk of slavery and human trafficking taking place within its businesses and operations.


The Bank has outsourced some of the processes to the Parent Bank and external firms. Additionally, the Bank procures goods and services in the UK, Germany and Belgium from various service providers based in these countries. The outsourced service providers together with the suppliers make up the supply chains for the Bank.


As part of the due diligence of the processes related to slavery and human trafficking, the Bank has taken confirmations from its key outsourced service providers and suppliers that they have processes and procedures in place to comply with the Modern Slavery Act, 2015.


This statement has been approved by the Bank’s Board Conduct Risk Committee.



Sudhir Dole