General Enquiry

In case of bereavement, what you need to do?

If a customer of ICICI Bank UK PLC passes away and you are related or a representative, you will need to send us a letter along with the original death certificate/ coroner’s certificate as soon as possible. Please don’t send photocopies as we need to see the original document.


Please send the documents to:
Claims/Settlement Team.
One Thomas More Square,


What we will do:

Upon receipt of your letter of notification and the original death certificate/coroner’s certificate we will take the necessary action to block the account and advise you the necessary steps/documents for closing the account. Within a week of receiving the original death certificate, we will reply to you in writing, giving you the information you need and returning the original death certificate/coroner’s certificate to you.

If one of the account holders of a joint account has passed away, we will convert the account into a single account immediately after receiving the death certificate.

For more information:

If you are unsure as to what to do or what your role may be, we recommend you read the advice provided here: and refer to the Citizens Advice Bureau.

If the estate is over £5,000.00:
While the documents required will vary in different situations, if the estate is over £5,000.00 we will need to see the Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration.