Transfer through Debit card FAQs

Can I use a credit card for transferring money to India?

Credit cards cannot be used. You can only use a non ICICI Bank UK PLC chip and pin debit card from a UK Bank.

What are the charges for using a debit card for money transfers to India?

There are no additional charges over the existing charge structure for the use of a debit card.

What documents do I need to carry with me for transfer through debit cards?

You would need to carry your valid Passport or UK driving license every time you need to transfer money via debit card, even if you hold an account with us.

Would ICICI Bank UK PLC‘s service assurance be applicable on money transfers through debit cards?

Yes, our service assurance will be applicable on all money transfers through debit cards.

Would the time taken for money transfer through debit cards be different from the other transfer modes available at the branch?

No, the time taken will not be different. It will be as per the transfer mode selected by you.