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Get 20 Paise Extra on Your Money Transfer to India

ICICI Bank UK - Money Transfer to India

Enjoy timely and hassle-free remittances to any bank in India with ICICI Bank. Get speed, convenience and great value for money.

Customers can transfer funds to any bank in India instantly with confirmed exchange rates 24/7. Few of the Non ICICI Bank transfers may take upto 1 business day for the credit.

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Money Transfer to India

Ensure speed when you send money from UK to India with ICICI Bank UK’s Money Transfer services – an end-to-end solution that is not only convenient, but also offers great value for money. Remit funds within Assured timelines – or we'll pay you 5 pence for every £10 transferred. We provide:

  • Instant transfer to any bank in India. Few of the Non ICICI bank transfers may take up to 1 business day.
  • Confirmed and competitive exchange rates
  • Convenient transfers through any UK Bank debit cards
  • Ease of accessibility on the go via Online, Mobile App, Branch Banking and Customer Care services

 You can also save your preferred minimum transfer rate with our rate block feature. This facility, available through internet banking, allows us to save the minimum rate at which you wish to send money online to India. This will help us ensure your money is transferred only at that exchange rate or higher.

Having a Current Account also gives you access to preferential exchange rates. Visit our FAQs page for more details.

Our terms and conditions and FAQ’s page contain further information.

Charges to Account HoldersOnline & Mobile AppBranch & Phone Banking
To any Bank in India (Personal) GBP 1 GBP 2

Please note: Money transfer to any ICICI Bank Trust/Charitable Organisation or any Non-Individual beneficiary account held with any Bank in India is only available at the Branch and is charged GBP 5 per transaction.

Money Transfer Exchange Rate

Please Note:

  1. Rates applicable for ICICI Bank UK HomeVantage Current only.
  2. For money transfers above £50,000 from the branch, please speak to a branch representative.
  3. Non-account holders will receive 10 paisa less than the Standard Exchange Rate.

Click here for the rate calculator.